Slr Lounge Lightroom Presets en_18

Luxurious Spring Presets for Lightroom Tired of Winter? Bring SPRING colour to your images RIGHT NOW with all the Enchanted Garden Lightroom Preset and Brush Collection. This gorgeous, simple to use set will instantly infuse your images with amazing light and color using our easy one-click presets. Then customize your personal signature style utilizing fast post presets, and complete your picture with our Mini-Brush Collection for that ideal one-of-a-kind look. Your spring and summertime photo sessions will shine with gentle, sunny mild and beautiful bright colour! These presets will work beautifully on kids, family, boudoir, participation and marriage sessions. The Enchanted Garden Preset Collection Contains: 9 Post Presets 17 Lightroom Brushes Presets are all customizable to fit your style. Presets are all compatible and fully optimized for Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, Lightroom Classic along with the Cloud (CC). Brushes are harmonious with Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6 and Lightroom Classic. As there isn’t a brush application in Lightroom CC, these brushes can’t be utilized in CC, we recommend using Lightroom Classic. Slr Lounge Lightroom Presets en We have also included a completely free one-hour training here about using the Enchanted Garden Collection. Enchanted Garden Preset Collection Video Tutorial 20 All-In-One Presets: Azalea Black Thorn B&W Bluebell B&W Cherry Blossom Daffodil Dogwood B&W Fleur Gardenia Lilac Lotus Magnolia Marigold Peacock Peony Pretty Spring Pretty Spring + Drama Sweet Cream Sweet Cream II Tutti Frutti Lily of the Valley Reset Preset 9 Enchanted Garden Post Presets: Cool Center Light Creamy Center Light Warm Center Light WB Fix I WB Fix II WB Temp Cool WB Temp Warmth Soft Vignette I Soft Vignette II 17 Enchanted Garden Brushes: Add Color Boost Add Drama Add Light Balance Pink on Faces Clarify that the Haze Correct Orange-Red Enhance Lavenders Enhance Greens Enhance Pinks Enhance Yellows Green up dead grass Haze Cool Haze Creamy Haze Pink Haze Warm Lighten Matte Impact Reduce Contrast Special thanks to Reeves Photography, Kelley P Smallman Photography and Shannen Speer Photography to their gorgeous images! We’re so thankful for the chance to work with these talented photographers.

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