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You can also find fans for your hard drive that are dedicated to cooling only your system’s storage. Without proper cooling, you’ll degrade many of your components that are constantly overheating. Cooling needs to be considered because gaming will raise the internal temperature of your gaming PC drastically. You’ll want to search Google or the product specs to see what people are recommending. If you don’t use all of the power offered, it’s better than not having enough power in my mind. A lot of people don’t put enough focus on their PSU, and this is what will help power your entire system.

  • Also, Amazon typically has the lowest prices, and if not, they aren’t too far off of the nearest prices from competitors.
  • Fortunately, though, there are a lot of forums out there where these types of issues get posted and solved every day.
  • If you don’t want to build your own PC, you’ll probably want to spend about ~$600 or so on a pre-built desktop to achieve similar results.
  • And, in the instances where they don’t have the lowest price, I’m willing to pay a little more to guarantee that I get my parts quickly.
  • Most builders won’t face too many issues during their first build and even the most tech-challenged individuals could probably get through their own PC build if they are patient enough.

You’ll be able to run a rig of this level for 3-4 years before you start noticing that you can’t really play cutting edge games any longer. I can also play DOTA 2, Heroes of the Storm and similar games. There are also higher options that aren’t quite 4K60, but they can still produce a higher refresh rate and handle high-end games a little better. The Acer Predator XB271HUA is a great example of a high-end monitor. The final thing you’ll need to do is to choose your peripherals and components.

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Writing to storage is very inefficient and slow, and all of this will impact your rig’s overall performance. You’ll want to be looking at DDR4 or better RAM – it’s cheap enough at this point.

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Therefore, if you have the extra money, 16 GB is the ideal solution that will allow you to play the best games for years to come without any issues. 8GB of RAM is ideal and will be able to handle most gaming and productivity tasks. 4GB of RAM as the bare minimum, but for more intense gaming, you’ll need to move up to higher levels of RAM.

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It’s what converts the instructions you provide into actions the computer can execute, and tells all the other parts of your build how to work together. If the CPU is the brain, the rest of the system is the body. And if you’d rather buy a pre-built, rather than building your own, we have a guide for that too.

Before you build a PC, you’re obviously going to need the right parts. But with your main components, you’ll want to go with new parts. You can definitely purchase peripherals and not worry about them being used. I would recommend purchasing used parts for most things, but not when you’re trying to make a gaming PC.

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