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In the rest of our Foursquare course, we’ll teach you about the potential costs associated with using the service, as well as help you decide whether or not it will be useful to you in our Foursquare review. We also have step-by-step tutorials with pictures on how to use the website and how to download and use the app. To learn more about any of these alternatives and more, check out this article. That way, when you’re trying to plan a group activity on the fly or craving a specific type of food, you’ll know what — and where — your options are. Use the search bar to indicate what you are looking for , and then scroll through the many results Foursquare will present to you. You can also filter those results to make your search more specific to what you’re looking for.

  • Sometimes I search through it for nostalgia (“where was my 30th birthday, again?”).
  • It helps user to share their location via check-ins, plan meetings and have a look at who’s hanging out nearby.
  • There are more than 50 alternatives to foursquare for a variety of platforms, including iPhone, the Web, Android, iPad and Android Tablet.
  • Marketing automation, together with powerful PoS & e-commerce integrated loyalty rewards & payment software, dramatically changing how retail & hospitality businesses interact with & increase the value of their customers.
  • Since the very beginning, we believed that the combination of the digital and physical was incredibly powerful.
  • Version 4.7 is going to start offering deals from local businesses.

Urban planning, financial modeling, and customer segmentation are just a few areas where an understanding of human movement will lead to smarter outcomes. A serendipitous checkin can help you find friends when you’re out and about and see who’s here. The user who checks in at a venue more than any other over a 30-day period is awarded the title of “Mayor”. This is similar to the game mechanic found in classic Foursquare. When Swarm launched in May 2014, Foursquare’s public Mayorships were all lost.

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Swarm lets you keep a visual history of where you’ve been as long as you checked in to that spot. It’s great for meeting up with people in the area and sharing where you are. Plus the competitive side of you can climb the leaderboards. The personal data of more than half a billion Facebook Inc. users reemerged online for free on Saturday.

By the end of 2013, Foursquare reported over 45 million registered users and about 50 million monthly visitors. Though impressive, that doesn’t come close to the 100 million people that check Yelp every month or the 1 billion or so folks who frequent Facebook just on their phones. It all began with Dodgeball, the predecessor to Foursquare that founder Dennis Crowley created in 2000 with fellow NYU student Alex Rainert. Born from the frustration of not knowing where people were partying, Dodgeball was a fairly basic service. Simply text your location to a city-specific Dodgeball email address (say, or Foursquare Swarm old version, and friends would instantly be alerted to where you were as long as they were signed up to the service as well. Crowley called it the “Friendster for cellphones.” After introducing it at SXSW Interactive in March 2005, it appeared the concept worked.

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With Swarm, Foursquare will be introducing a new feature called Stickers. When users check in, they are given the option to include a sticker with their post “to quickly express how you feel or what you’re doing,” Foursquare said. To fix that problem, Foursquare said Swarm users will only compete for mayorships against their friends.

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