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After the calibration it CAN (!) be very accurate especially for the main axis after calibration. The measurement is performed as well as possible by using the three inbuilt accelerometers. Use your phone as an inclinotmeter to measure slope and elevation anywhere.

The fluorescent directional arrow and dial let you maintain your readings when the sun goes down. A shockproof, waterproof case keeps the compass intact if you drop it and kick it down the trail. We also appreciate the integrated belt loop attachment, so you can stow it quickly while you scramble up a steep incline, then whip it out and get your bearings when you reach a viewpoint. This is the most complete compass we’ve seen for $10 — a perfect blend of price point and features to make for learning basic navigational skills with minimal investment. At this price, you can upgrade to a more feature-rich compass and keep this as a backup, or buy a dozen and teach a Scout troop as a group. Learning orienteering can be a daunting proposition to the uninitiated.

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But for more in-depth orienteering, you’ll want a compass with the following features. By definition, a compass will have a magnetic needle that always points to magnetic north. Beyond that, compasses can sport a bevy of features, from liquid-filled needle casings and rotating bezels to whistles and thermometers , generally depending on the price range. Many compasses check out this info combine a baseplate for map navigation and sighting accessories to combine the two types. This allows for whatever navigation method is most useful at any time. The TruArc 7 pocket compass ($50) sports a design that may look simple, but it offers plenty of features to help you find your way.

Using smartphone sensors, you can easily move the protractor and measure even the smallest and narrowest corners. Lock the screen rotation for increased accuracy right in your level work tool. In order to measure the angle, you need to place a point on the camera in the corner of the object, and then make all the necessary adjustments. The line to be placed according to the object will be displayed on the screen.

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Analysis includes the preparation of graphs showing the profile of the inclinometer casing, the changes at each depth which is useful to identify the disturbing/faulty zones of movement. Commonly cumulative lateral deformation with depth, starting from bottom of the casing and summation of increments of displacements for each measured interval till the top of casing. Data assessment of installed IPIs would depend on the no. of sensors installed at different levels of the borehole. Inclinometer data represents the deflection / lateral movement and plots the shape/profile of the inclinometer casing. Data monitored at set frequencies/ schedule are compared to identify whether the changes in the profile have occurred, which represents ground deformation or lateral movement. by recording the distance the float travels over a set period of time e.g. 5 minutes.

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Road spacing depends on the type of logging and transport systems which will be used. By means of the barometric altimeter the relative altitudes of all important control points can be determined. The instrument is adjusted to the actual altitude of the starting point which can be identified on the map.

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