Top 8 Best Wort Chillers 2021

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  • The utensils are 13″ long and the long handles are safe to use while cooking.
  • So there is no chance of melting silicone cooking utensils in the boiling water.
  • Because the evaporator is made from pure titanium, it does not corrode and can therefore be used with both fresh and saltwater.

One should not spend this type of money on a glycol cooler and be left out in the cold with no path to fix it!!! Stay away from Brewbuilt – it’s China made which is probably making it difficult to get any support at this time. A reliable chiller allows an entire fermentation to be done with precise temperature control and no user intervention, so you can brew with little concern for your upcoming schedule. The unit can also quickly crash chill the wort when fermentation is done. I would probably use the unit to chill my municipal water supply well below ground temp, and use a counterflow chiller or similar, rather than directly cool the wort with glycol .

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On its own, the TK 150 would be too small, but the two units working together do an efficient job. This way I saved money by buying a smaller chiller and I have two cooling systems which can work independently in case of any malfunctions. The chiller was absolutely able to maintain cold crashing temperatures but even with insulated lines, the fermenter wouldn’t drop into the low 30s because all the stainless fittings picked up ambient heat. I was a little worried about freezing the coils, so I maintained temp in the upper 30s.

Compared to other plate chillers within a similar price range, some reviewers even go as far as to say that this model is principal. This immersion cooler in specific is designed for longevity and convenience. It features easily-adjustable loops, is equipped with smooth and tight hose connections, and has a price point that’s about equivalent to the price you’d spend making a copper cooler yourself from scratch.

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The homebrew would then attach the chiller either to their kitchen faucet or their garden hose before running a cold water source through the chiller. As one of the top wort coolers, the HFS Homebrew currently has a well-deserved average 4.4- out of 5-star rating on Amazon. While it’s usually immersion wort chillers that are wanted by home brewers, the compact size of a plate chiller just can’t be beat. However, unless you’re hoping to avoid the bulkiness of immersion or counterflow wort chillers, don’t opt for a plate chiller if you’re not up for the longer, more tedious cleaning process. Using this unit, your wort will chill so quickly that it might even reach a temperature lower than what you had originally tried to go for. Many reviewers also love that the body is quite durable, has little to no leakage, features an easily-adjustable coil, and is a breeze to clean and sanitize after use.

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