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Never, ever, ever, update to the next Mac OS until ALL your Sony camera & lens firmware is absolutely, positively up to date. Your Mac’s USB-C to USB-C charging cable will also work fine. Previously when I was shooting in Auto HDR, it would fire the flashes every time it took a frame.

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Before, I stayed connected through Smart Remote and fire from my ipad. Now it doesn’t matter if I try to fire in the app or not, it does the same thing- it will shoot the frames but only fire the flashes once. I even spoke with Sony rep last night who got me to reset the camera and still, it won’t work. Please let me know if you have heard of such an issue and know how to fix it or if somehow it could have messed up my camera.

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It is recorded in Apple ProRes RAW format on the supported external output device. Since installing Magic Lantern does not replace the stock Canon firmware or modify the ROM but rather runs alongside it, it is both easy to remove and carries little risk. The camera checks a "boot flag" in its re-writable memory, and if set, reads from a memory card to get the additional firmware routines. The Bleach Bypass Art Filter included in the OM-D E-M10 Mark III is now available with these firmware updates. This option replicates the bleach bypass effect used to develop film creating images with a beautiful metallic sheen. A total of eight lenses are supported (the same lenses supported by OM-D E-M1 Mark II Firmware Version 2.0). I do not expect any firmware updates for a7R II unless one is required for lens or accessory compatibility.

Okayyyy, not exactly a camera firmware update question, but here goes…If you’re at F22 with 1/50 sec there’s no room to stop down. Auto ISO or a variable ND might be the way to go to keep exposure from blowing out. Yes, the camera LCD screen will go dark for 15 minutes while the camera updates. Use a fully charged battery when performing firmware updates. The camera may not operate properly if the power is interrupted during the update.

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I use this very often and have been for about a year in doing real estate photography. Since the upate, the flash will not fire but once when the shutter is pressed.

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RAW video output to external equipment is now supported, enabling advanced post-production tasks for video production pros. RAW video data can be output in 12 bit 4K 30P, 25P, and 24P/Cinema 4K 24P.

When you get to the 15 minute level it’s the The Sims 4: Get to Work! same as updating an iPhone. The latest firmware updates were compatible with earlier versions of OS 10.15 but I’m net sure about 10.15.3.

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