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Spread the word: wheels make the world go round. That is why we at Sunshine Bike want to give you an opportunity to see breath-taking landscapes and discover new possibilities through cycling. We know that Mallorca is the place to be, and discovering everything it has to offer can be a wondrous adventure. So plan your trip, grab a bike and let yourself experience Mallorca in all its glory.

Cheap bicycle rental in Palma de Mallorca – 30 years of experience

We have been renting bikes since 1993. Sunshine Bike has 30 years of experience in bike rental. Mallorca has proven itself to be the perfect place for bike lovers: many people like to discover the island and its culture on their own, while also being as free and mobile as possible. Cycling is a perfect solution to see the place on your own terms, it is also a great choice for anyone who is on a budget. Discovering Mallorca on a bike is also an environmental friendly way to do so, and Mallorca deserves taking care of its nature as one of the most beautiful places Earth has to offer.


Sunshine Bike Rental Mallorca – the tourist’s favourite pick

Our experience has thought us the best ways to customize our service so that we could offer you a unique Mallorca experience. Whether you are a professional cyclist or simply enjoy riding a bike, here at Sunshine Bike you will find just the option for you. We provide over 200 bicycles to choose from, amongst which there are such well-known types such as Racer or Cross, as well as Mountain-Bike and City Bikes. You don’t have to worry about the size or weight – we have a variety of bikes in store, so that you can ride the one which is best suited for your needs. Bicycle rental in Palma de Mallorca allows us to offer you a unique trip at the fascinating region of Balearic Islands. You can choose to ride by yourself or with your friends and family – we offer several options, including a single bike rental and excursions around the island for groups.

Mallorca Bike Rental – the perfect way to sightsee

Our Mallorca bike rental is located by the beach in C’an Pastilla Playa the Mallorca, a tourist’s favourite. You can access Sunshine Bike easily, thanks to the highly developed public transport of Mallorca. We offer several tours to choose from, so that you can see the island in way that suits you the most. The routs are of varying distances, as presented in the maps of our Maps & Routes section. If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend a selection of Hotels which will offer you a comfortable, high quality rooms with service. At Sunshine Bikes we care about your entire experience on Mallorca: this is why we also cooperate with several companies who organise outdoor events and activities.

Do you have any questions? Would you like to have a unique experience on Palma de Mallorca? Don’t hesitate to contact us for further details – our team will help you pick the perfect tour and bike for you. We will resolve any doubts you have left!

Step-By-Step tutorial on how to download ROMs

Most of us recall the times when playing video games utilizing video game consoles was a significant part of every teenager's daily regimen.Now technology has changed dramatically. However, we still keep the affection for retro games. 

By playing games that are old-school we return to areas we've not seen since our youth. Prepare yourself to make your dreams come true because now, we've got contemporary tools at our disposal to relive those sweet emotions.

 It's more than sufficient to get roms and emulators, that are free of charge and simple to use.

There is nothing mysterious about ROMs. They're the tools which can open the door to retro gaming, which you may get from modern devices. ROMs function as recent versions of old-style cartridges you were using to play on popular consoles. We recommend you to roms download which are copied correctly without violating the copyrights.

The world wide web is bombarded with ROMs offers. Still, not all ROMs providers are both safe and trustworthy. You must be aware that some websites can distribute malware under the title of ROMs. You're liable for the protection of your PC. You can download as many ROMs because you want at Killerroms. This supplier provides an impressive group of hot ROMs that are safe to use.

The only thing you have to do is to opt for the console whose games you want to play. When you have downloaded the desired ROM onto your device, you can begin playing with it. Be certain you have a potent emulator.

The Way To Install an Emulator and ROMs in your personal computer or any other device? 
Now let's take a peek at the way to download ROMs so that you can play with your favorite retro games onto your PC.

  • You need to begin by finding the ideal emulator of the game console you would like to perform on your PC. Killerroms is dedicated to saving not only ROMs however emulators too, which you may download at no cost.
  • Once you've made the decision regarding the emulator you intend on using, then you must download it. 
  • Note that your downloaded emulator is simply part of everything you require in order to play games on your computer. Also, you need to download ROMs for a particular game console you want to emulate. In fact, ROMs act as the old-school gaming cartridges for your emulator, which do the exact same task because the console. 
  • As soon as you have decided which assortment of ROMs you want on your personal computer, you must download them. 
  • You must understand that ROMS arrive in an individual compressed format, as an example, RAR or ZIP. That's the reason we advise you to download a program for decompressing ZIP/RAR file formats. It's possible to use a renowned Winzip application or 7-Zip, which can be found in trial and free versions. It's possible to leave the ZIP file compacted and set inside its own folder. You have to be certain all saved files go into the generated folder. It's essential to maintain your ROMs well-organized. 

Many emulators offer a folder collection, which comes as the default for your games. You just have to check if your new ROM files go into that folder. If the folder hasn't been set automatically, you have to do it yourself. Finally, you simply have to select the game and revel in your gaming experience.

mario kart ds rom est un jeu vidéo de course développé et publié par Nintendo. Il est sorti pour la console de jeu portable Nintendo DS le 14 novembre 2005 en Amérique du Nord, le 17 novembre 2005 en Australie, le 25 novembre 2005 en Europe, le 8 décembre 2005 au Japon et le 5 avril 2007 en Corée du Sud.

Le jeu est le cinquième volet de la série de jeux vidéo Mario Kart et le premier à être joué via le service en ligne Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection; le service a depuis été interrompu, tout comme d’autres jeux qui peuvent être joués via le service. Comme les autres jeux de la série, Mario Kart DS présente des personnages de la série Mario, et ils se heurtent les uns aux autres alors qu’ils courent sur les cartes le long des pistes en fonction des emplacements de la série Mario.

Le jeu a été très bien accueilli, recevant une note globale de 91% de Metacritic. Les éloges se sont concentrés sur les graphismes et le gameplay du jeu, tandis que les critiques se sont concentrées sur son mode solo répétitif, bien que l’inclusion des modes Battle et Vs pour un seul joueur ait été bien accueillie. Mario Kart DS a reçu plusieurs récompenses, notamment les Editors ‘Choice Awards de GameSpot et IGN, le G-Phoria Award du meilleur jeu portable et du meilleur jeu de course / jeu de course d’IGN.

Mario Kart DS était le jeu le plus vendu au cours de son premier mois de sortie et a également occupé cette position le mois suivant. Dans l’ensemble, Mario Kart DS est le troisième jeu Nintendo DS le plus vendu en mars 2016, avec 23,60 millions d’unités vendues dans le monde.

Mario Kart DS est un jeu de course dans lequel le joueur participe à des courses de kart contre d’autres coureurs en tant que l’un des douze personnages de la série Mario. Ces personnages sont Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Wario et Bowser, et les personnages à débloquer sont Daisy, Dry Bones, Waluigi et R.O.B. Pour commencer, seules 2 cartes sont disponibles pour chaque personnage. Des cartes supplémentaires peuvent être déverrouillées après certains progrès et lorsque toutes les tasses sont de 150 cc. See sera rempli avec le rang B ou plus, tous les 12 personnages auront accès aux 36 cartes.

Pendant les courses ou les batailles, l’écran supérieur de la Nintendo DS affiche la carte à la troisième personne du joueur, tandis que l’écran tactile inférieur affiche la position actuelle de la course, les objets que chaque pilote porte et la carte de la piste. L’écran du bas peut être basculé pour afficher soit un aperçu de l’itinéraire complet, soit une vue d’ensemble de la carte du joueur et des environs immédiats, y compris les coureurs à proximité, les dangers de piste, les boîtes d’objets et les attaques entrantes.

Chaque champ contient des boîtes d’objets que le joueur peut traverser pour obtenir un élément sélectionné au hasard qu’il peut utiliser pour obtenir un avantage sur les autres coureurs. Certains objets permettent au joueur d’attaquer d’autres coureurs afin de les ralentir, tandis que d’autres peuvent être utilisés pour accélérer le kart du joueur afin de faciliter le dépassement d’autres coureurs.

Il y a deux nouveaux éléments: Bullet Bill, qui transforme le joueur en Bullet Bill, qui pilote automatiquement la piste, et Blooper, qui éclabousse tous les coureurs devant l’utilisateur, bloquant leur vue.

Contrairement aux autres versions de Mario Kart, Mario Kart DS permet aux joueurs d’éviter une carapace épineuse (carapace bleue) sans l’aide d’objets. Cela peut être fait en tirant un mini turbo juste avant que la coquille épineuse ne frappe le joueur. Il faut un timing précis et c’est l’une des compétences les plus difficiles du jeu. En outre, cette astuce n’est généralement possible qu’en mode 150cc ou miroir. Cependant, cela est également possible sur 100 cm3, mais uniquement sur des sentiers comme Frappe Snowland où le terrain est plus glissant.