How to rent a bike? Mallorca Sunshine Bikes service

Renting a bike is a great way to see Mallorca. With Sunshine Bike, renting a bicycle is quick and easy – in no time we will find just the bike for you. The process of bike rent in standard services usually takes time. At Sunshine Bike we planned the rental process in a way which allows you to quickly and easily rent a bike.

Your fastest bike rent on Mallorca Island

Visiting Mallorca is a wonderful way to relax. The beautiful landscapes and great food make for the perfect holiday atmosphere, and the heartful community of Mallorca’s citizens will make you feel welcomed. We know that during holidays you might want to spend your time relaxing and discovering new places as much as possible. This is why we simplified the bike rental process to the absolute minimum – so that you don’t have to waste time on formalities and instead could focus solely on having fun. Forget about taking multiple steps in order to rent a bike. At Sunshine Bike the whole process lasts a minute – we make sure to provide you with everything you need, without the hassle of spending too much time on the rental process.

Easy and quick way to rent a bike in Mallorca

Mallorca bike rent has never been easier: The only thing you have to do is fill in a form. You will find it in Reservation & Contact Us section. There is only one step you need to take in order to make a reservation: you have to provide us with necessary details such as your address, as well as preferred bike frame and size. This will allow us to offer you a vehicle suited just to your needs. You can fill in the form for your companion and yourself – save your time for a trip or sightseeing instead of wasting it on long rental process. Our professional team will help you pick the best bike and tour route.

You could also contact us by phone – we will speak to you directly and resolve any doubts you could have about bike rental. Making a reservation via phone call is just as easy and simple as filling in a form on our web site. In no time you will get a bicycle reservation – the only thing left to do is for you to enjoy yourself at Mallorca holidays!

Rental at Sunshine Bike – Mallorca experience

Once you complete the form we can start preparing everything you need to cycle your way through Mallorca stunning landscapes, astonishing beaches and nature. You don’t have to worry about details, we will provide a bike as well as all of the necessary accessories you need. We believe you deserve the full experience at a reasonable price, which is why the bicycle saddle and pedals are included in the price of renting a single bike. Sunshine Bike service also includes free child bike seats in the rental price. You can rest assured that your kids are going to be safe during the trip – relax and let yourself fully enjoy your family holidays! Do not worry about random malfunctions. We know they can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, which is why at Sunshine Bike we provide effective bicycle repair and service.

You can also rent a bike directly in our office by the beach of C’an Pastilla Playa the Mallorca, or pick a direct the delivery to your apartment or hotel located within Mallorca island. Pick a tour route, choose your bike and let us take you on an adventure!