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We also propose an a priori simplified framework (Fig.1) to show the broad relationships between economic factors and health that we are investigating. We thus aim to carry out a review to provide a rigorous evidence base around the macro-economic determinants of health and health inequalities. We aim to provide a conceptual model to understand the links between the economy and health and use this conceptual model to explore the existing evidence base systematically.

We will thus provide evidence to policymakers, researchers and health advocates which can be used to develop evidence-based economic policy interventions and clarify priorities for further research. Given the broad scope of this research question and the large number of existing systematic reviews on each of its subtopics, we aim to carry out an umbrella review—a methodology which involves carrying out a systematic review of reviews . We will identify relevant systematic reviews using search terms derived from the Journal of Economic Literature classification.

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  • This could lead to a substantial increase in the frequency of an advantageous allele.
  • Population genetics predicts that within a large population, the number of random mutations will increase, whereas small populations have relatively fewer new random mutations.
  • Assuming the deleterious genes are under selection, natural selection should remove deleterious mutations, thus maintaining and driving advantageous mutations to higher frequencies.

Reviews will be included if they meet the Database of Abstracts and Reviews of Effects criteria for systematic reviews. Reviews of studies with and without controls will be included; both association and intervention studies will be included. Primary outcomes will include but are not external hemorrhoids limited to morbidity, mortality, prevalence and incidence of conditions and life expectancy. Secondary outcomes will include health inequalities by gender, ethnicity or socio-economic status.

Table1 presents these seven categories, related subtopics for each category at the local, national and international level as well as illustrative examples of potential health implications. Whilst we acknowledge that this list is not exhaustive, it provides an initial framework to guide our search strategy.

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, chronic exposure to social and environmental stressors often results in biological “wear-and-tear” that’s places individuals at higher health risk. The Journal of Economic Literature provides a classification of the key concepts that relate to research in economics.

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